Ever miss Maya’s popupMenu Command? Simple Right-Click Menus in PySide/PyQt?

So I’ve recently switched to starting to do interfaces in Qt, and one thing that annoyed me that I was missing from my old maya command scripting days was a simple single command to create a right-click menu. A lot of the solutions I found online seemed a little weird, involving creating the entire menu as part of a command run when you right-click. I dunno, maybe it’s because I was just used to creating the menu and having it behave like any other menu when adding menuItems (or in this case, actions)

Anyways, I was starting to try and do something complicated, but realized I could just do it in a few lines to get what I wanted. By the way, this works with PySide and Qt4 unadulterated (at least it did for me)

class RightClickMenu(QtGui.QMenu):

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):

        super(RightClickMenu, self).__init__(*args)

        # Prepare the parent widget for using the right-click menu

    def showMenu(self, *args):


So all you’d have to do to implement it is like any other menu:

wid = QtGui.QWidget()

ppup = RightClickMenu(wid)


This might be common knowledge, but I couldn’t find it out there before, so maybe it will help any other Qt newbs like me that may run in to the problem. But now I can have it sitting in a module ready to go whenever I need it.

Pro-users, if there’s some red flag I’m not spotting, let me know as well.

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