Old Tools

Variable Control Ribbon Rig


-Takes a NURBS plane and creates a rig similar to a ribbon spine

-Ideal for spine rigs, lip or eyebrow local rigs and squash stretch local rigs

-Variable U or V direction

– Optional aiming of plane influences for smoother curves

-Variable bind joint count

-Variable mid controller count



Corrective Blendshape Model Helper

-A quick, plugin-free way to sculpt corrective blendshapes and polish rigs along with a few other utilities to help.

Kit includes tools to:

-Sculpt corrective blendshapes on a skinned model and extract edits to a blendshape
-Mirror Blendshapes
-Hook up correctives to an existing blendshape deformer or create a new one, then hook up set driven key to a chosen driver.


Creative Crash


Channel Wizard


– Provides easy way to interact with multiple channels at once. Useful for animation, rigging or anything involving messing with attributes.

-Comes with common attributes already added, with the ability to add other checkboxes for uncommon or custom attributes


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