About Me


I’m a Character TD and Technical Artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. I have a Bachelors degree in Animation with a Character Technical Direction Minor from Savannah College of Art and Design, and a Masters in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. I have worked at 2K Marin in Novato, CA on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, at Schell Games in Pittsburgh, PA on Lexica, Waterbears, I Expect You to Die, as well as our Internal Tools Team and varoius unannounced projects. I currently work at Insomniac Games on the Character TD team.

I was born in State College, PA, lived my first 10 years in Saudi Arabia, then the rest of my childhood in Ohio. When I first realized I wanted to work in Entertainment, I thought I wanted to be a game designer, once I investigated a little bit, I realized what I actually wanted to do was called animation. Once I actually got my hands on a 3D program, I realized I actually liked modeling more than animating. So I enrolled at SCAD . Once there, as a decent Modeler with technical talent, a lot of people mentioned I might like rigging. Turns out they were right. I ended up adding my Minor and finishing there. I immediately went to graduate school at the Entertainment Technology Center where I did work as a TD on projects for Museum of Art in Roveretto, Italy, and Give Kids the World, a non-profit resort that works with various organizations to facilitate children with life-threatening diseases who want to visit Central Florida Theme Parks.

I love what I do, but since I’m not a robot, I also like watching movies, playing games, reading, traveling, and learning about really random things and people. I’m always in the search of the best hefeweizen, cup of coffee, cigar, pizza, and pad thai… not all at once though.

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