Character Modeling Course

So I plan on normally talking about rigging and tech art stuff, but I figured I’d show this other thing because it’s what I’ve been up to lately.

While at the CTN Expo in November, I dropped by the Gnomon booth to find out about some of the workshop videos and was lucky enough to win a free course at the Gnomon School as a part of a raffle. I rarely ever win raffles, but I guess that just means when I win, I win big. I feel like my modeling skills have kind of faded over the last few years, so I decided to take a character modeling class.

It’s fun so far. It’s being taught by a guy named Kevin Hudson (look him up, he’s done everything) and it’s fun to get back in to modeling. It’s also giving me an excuse to start to learn Zbrush. Anyways, It started with Maya for base mesh stuff, then covers the back and fourth pipeline with Zbrush. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been doing so far…

Week 1 Homework: Model something simple and fun in Maya. I found a concept of this guy in some tutorial on creating orthographic concepts in Photoshop.

Week 2 Homework: Model a Head. I chose to do a couple images of a guy that Kevin used to work with. He had a big bushy mustache, so I kind of guessed at the upper (and even a bit of the lower) lips. Sorry, I won’t post the images out of respect for the guy’s privacy since I don’t know him and can’t then ask.

Week 3-4 Homework: Model a full body for import in to ZBrush. I kind of had to re-do the head because I wanted to do a figure that would give me a chance to expore musculature. Luckily, I was able to just move points around on the head I did in week 2. Guess well thought out topology does work out really easily. I’ve never really adjusted a “base model” myself, so it was kind of cool and fun.

I’m currently working on the ZBrush bit now. My first real ZBrush project. Hopefully it won’t be too cringe-worthy since I do have Mudbox experience, so similar skill-sets involved.

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